About OIV

Own It Vintage is a start-up vintage store , run by Stylist Fiona Rombaut & creator Lisa De Keuleneire.

OIV collects, restores and revalues clothing & other items to give them a new life.

We focus on high quality items that are sourced piece-by-piece or in small selective bulks, and we try to encourage a slow and responsible mindset to consumption.

  • The future is circular

    We aim to help devaluate trends, discourage overconsumption & enable our community to own their impact.

    Still, the vintage clothing industry has its challenges in terms of transparency, human rights, transport emissions and ecology.

    We commit to grow sustainably and prepare for a carbon-neutral future.

  • Vintage offers unique value

    We want to prove that pre-owned and circular items provide much better value than new, fast consumer goods.

    Vintage items have stood the test of time, were often produced with great care and consist of superior materials.

    Blemishes and traces are taches de beauté. These marks tell stories.

    A vintage item can function as a cultural portkey to pass along ideas, values and stories to the next generation.

  • Experiences shape behaviour

    Second-hand or vintage shopping can be "a lot".

    We aim to remove the friction and effort that often exist when shopping sustainably. Shopping vintage should be easy, inspiring & fun!

    We want to enable you to write your own narrative and tell your own stories. Together, we can build a strong community of like-minded people and have a positive impact.


Can I try out your items in real life?

Yes! fill out the form below or send us a DM on Instagram to get in touch to schedule a fitting in our atelier.

We are situated in both Ghent & Brussels. The main stock is situated in Ghent, but a fitting in Brussels can be arranged.

We're also always planning live pop-up events. If you want to meet us there & fit a specific piece, let us know!

Find our planned events here.

Can I return items?

We don't like sending and returning clothing mindlessly. Please be conscious of the ecological impact of this practice.

However, we do apply a 14-day return policy for all your purchases, in accordance to the European consumer legislation.

The items cannot be damaged or worn, and you will have to arrange & pay for shipping the item back yourself.

If you want to return something, contact us through the form below and we will provide you with instructions!

Are your vintage clothes sustainable?

We source clothing from wholesalers, private sellers and anything in between. We source as locally as possible, We try to keep our supply chain efficient and vet larger suppliers on their commitment to SDG's.

In reality, the supply chain of a lot of industrial vintage suppliers remains opaque. There is little transparency, and some pieces seem to track hundreds and even thousands of airmiles before ending up in vintage retail.

Based on most accounts, vintage clothing is vastly more sustainable than newly produced goods. The majority of emissions and climate impact of clothes happens during their production. Vintage reduces waste and avoids new items to be produced.

We select our clothing based on their materials, and heavily favour natural materials, which leak less microplastics & toxic materials into our water supply. Some synthetic pieces are available, but more often than not, they are statement pieces which will likely not be washed on a weekly basis.

We will continue to work making our operations as sustainable as possible & are looking for innovative ways to do so. We commit to become carbon neutral as soon as our scale allows for it.

If you have ideas or suggestions on how we can do better, please reach out!


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